How to Create macOS Monterey ISO Image file for VMware & VirtualBox

Apple has unveiled the latest operating system called macOS Monterey 12, its major successful release after macOS Big Sur 11. After the macOS Catalina release, Apple has changed the version number and selected the 11 version numbers for macOS Big Sur. And now it’s time for macOS Monterey also Apple named the version number 12.

macOS Monterey 12 has replaced the place of macOS Big Sur version, and it’s one of the biggest and newest operating systems for Macs and MacBooks. With the other releases of the macOS operating system, this year also the macOS Monterey will be the free OS to upgrade your macOS machine. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the latest version of macOS Monterey will be released soon fall this year.

However, the Beta version of macOS Monterey 12 is being released and now available in the App Store but in the Beta version. Therefore, if you are interested to test out the interesting features of macOS Monterey then you can update your Mac. But I highly recommend you do not upgrade your actual Mac or MacBook, because it’s in the Beta version and it might be risky for security reasons.

So, here we are guiding you through the post on how to create a macOS Monterey ISO image file for VMware & VirtualBox.

You might think of why we are creating the macOS Monterey ISO image file, there are several reasons we need to create a macOS Monterey ISO image file or VMDK file. Like the first reason if you are having a lake of Mac machines and you are a Windows user then using your Windows machine you can install macOS Monterey with the help of Virtual machines.

Create macOS Monterey ISO Image file for VMware & VirtualBox

Perhaps you might be familiar with the installation of macOS Big Sur on VMware or installing macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows PC. With the same process, we have created the macOS Big Sur ISO image file for VMware & VirtualBox. And also, here I will show you how to create a macOS Monterey ISO image file for VMware & VirtualBox.

We have separately created and uploaded macOS Monterey on the Mediafire cloud storage which you can get the Beta version of macOS Monterey ISO image file from the down below link.

OK, for creating macOS Monterey ISO image file or creating macOS Monterey Bootable USB drive. Firstly, you have to download its installer file. The first step you are already using macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, or macOS Big Sur on your machine then easily you can download its installer file. Like navigate to Settings>System Updates> and check for update> When the macOS Monterey update appeared there click on the Upgrade Now option. Download the installer update file of macOS Monterey from there, once the download completed simply close the installation and follow the below down steps how to create the ISO image file.

Also you can download macOS Monterey installer file by clicking in the two below down links. The first link will redirect you to download link of macOS Monterey installer file. And second file is GibmacOS that available and being provided in GitHub website. Both of them will help you to download macOS Monterey ISO image file.

  1. Download macOS Monterey Assistant Installer.PKg
  2. Download GibmacOS

#Run the terminal

When the macOS Monterey installer file successfully downloaded, be sure that the file should be exist in the Applications folder. Without the existence of the macOS Monterey file on the Applications directory you won’t be able to create it’s ISO image file.

While everything completely done, now open up the terminal and apply the commands step by step.

  1. Create a macOS Monterey Virtual Disk Image
hdiutil create -o /tmp/Monterey -size 13350m -volname Monterey -layout SPUD -fs HFS+J

2. Mount this Image to macOS

hdiutil attach /tmp/Monterey.dmg -noverify -mountpoint /Volumes/Monterey

3. Use macOS Monterey Createinstallmedia Tool to create a Installer Image

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/Monterey --nointeraction

4. Unmount Volume Install macOS Beta

hdiutil detach hdiutil /Volumes/Install\ macOS\ 12\ Beta

5. Convert the Monterey.dmg to a Monterey.iso for Virtual Machine

hdiutil convert /tmp/Monterey.dmg -format UDTO -o ~/Desktop/Monterey.cdr

6. Move and Rename Monterey Image to Desktop

mv ~/Desktop/Monterey.cdr ~/Desktop/Monterey.iso

Want to know more information about macOS Monterey then check out the below down links.

Final Point

macOS Monterey is the huge release of macOS operating system after macOS Big Sur. The latest operating system has the significant features like Shortcuts, Universal Control, AirPlay to Mac, Safari Updates, and many more. However, if you want to know more information then check out the above link to know more. For further inquires you can contact us via the comment section box.

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