Download macOS Monterey ISO file for VMware & VirtualBox

On the 7th, June 2021 Apple at its recent WWDC “Worldwide Developer Conference” kicked out its biggest operating system called macOS Monterey the 12 version after the major success of macOS Big Sur. Apple announced the latest updates. And features of macOS Monterey for people, that soon it will be available on their hands. Therefore, Apple released its Beta version for the developer. In order to test and figure out the issues and bugs which are available in the operating system.

In the few years that Apple is releasing its operating system firstly, they release it in beta mode. And after that, they will release the public beta version for everyone in the App Store or its dmg file to have its direct installation. Also, the final version will be released later this year, when they complete all the internal and interface problems.

Currently, the beta version is available in the App Store, which you can update your machines. However, if you are having macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, on your machine then simply you can update it through system Settings>System Preferences>Software Update.

On the other hand, at the WWDC21 event. The Apple co-founder nominated the machines which can support macOS Monterey 12 version. If you want to have information then check out the below link.

However, if you want to download and install macOS Monterey on your machine, then you need to join the Developer Beta website. And the developer beta website costs around 99$ per year, if you join the Developer site then easily you can get all information about releasing the Apple software on that site.

Download macOS Monterey ISO file for VMware & VirtualBox

In case, if you want to test or install macOS Monterey alongside your Mac machine then I suggest you use a Windows machine. For the installation of macOS Monterey on the virtual platforms you need to download the macOS Monterey ISO image file which I will give you the link below down.

macOS Monterey latest features that won’t be available for Intel-based Macs:

Apple’s next best operating system has a bundle of new features which I will explain to you one by one in the below down section. According to MacRumors some of the interesting features won’t be available in the Intel-Based Macs.

  1. Facetime’s Portrait Mode, which blurs your background while you are in a video call.
  2. Live text
  3. Apple Maps, New globe view.
  4. Apple Maps, more detailed maps which include the cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London.
  5. Neural text-speech voices in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.
  6. Offline on-device dictation.
  7. On-device dictation without a time limit.

If you are an Intel-based Mac user, then it will be frustrated for you that if you want to upgrade your Mac to the latest macOS Monterey soon. And it will be disappointing for you that after upgrading to macOS Monterey you won’t be able to touch the new features. Also, it might be possible that Apple should release an update in the future that only work with the M1-Macs with M1 chips.

macOS Monterey Best Features

  1. Universal Control: Perhaps it might be one of the biggest updates Apple brought in macOS Monterey. With a single mouse click, trackpad, and keyboard. To be used across multiple Macs machines and allows the users to share files between.
  2. Airplay to Mac: Also there is a new Airplay to Mac option for Airplay Movies, Games, Photos, and more from the iPhone and iPad to Mac.
  3. Safari: Safari has been updated to the latest tab bar, it blends to a better background and tab groups. it allows you to group the open tabs in Safari with easy swapping between different tasks without losing any tabs.
  4. Facetime supports spatial audio: facetime supports control the person that from where they are coming and confirm their position. This feature will be available in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 15.

Download macOS Monterey ISO Image file – Install on VMware and VirtualBox Machine

  • Download macOS Monterey ISO file: macOS Monterey is successfully created and uploaded on Mediafire with the size of 16GB, therefore, for downloading the file you need to have a fast internet connection.

However, if you are the lake of macOS machine then easily the virtual machine platforms allow you to install the macOS operating systems on Windows PC. On the other hand, for the experiment, you can use your older Mac machine by using VMware Fusion, VirtualBox. For installing different macOS operating systems, or even macOS Monterey.

Also, the installation process on Windows and Mac might have few changes like on Windows it requires some extra commands. And on a Mac machine directly you can install it after creating a fresh virtual machine. So, it might not be an important note, but again I got this necessary to notify you of a better installation process.

Furthermore, we are currently creating the macOS Monterey ISO image file and testing it. Soon we will upload the ISO Image file and the process of installing it on VMware & VirtualBox. Till the time you can get the idea of installing macOS Big Sur on VMware & VirtualBox machine. You can see the article by clicking on the below links.

For further inquires you can contact us via the comment box section thanks.

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  1. It always says: “Installation cannot proceed because the installer is damaged. Redownload the installer and try again.”
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