iOS 14 Announced By Apple at WWDC with a Bunch of New Features

At WWDC event 22nd June, 2020 Apple Inc introduced the latest version of the iOS operating system for people, that called iOS 14. The new versions of iOS 14 are Apple’s biggest updates, with a bunch of new features that include new Home Screen Changes, New Features, Updates for existing Apps, Siri Improvements, and Many other tweaks that available in iOS 14.

The iOS operating system is having the advanced redesigned Home Screen, to support for widgets for the first time in your devices. The Apps widget can be pinned in different sizes in iOS 14.

Yesterday Apple didn’t confirm the release date of iOS 14, like previous years you won’t be able to download and install the final version till the end of September or October month. Alongside Apple offers you the opportunity to download and install its beta version on your devices. For downloading the beta version you need to have and specific developer account. Now it depends on you whether you want to install the public beta on your phone, or wait till the end of 2020.

If you are already using the iOS 13 operating system on your iPhone, then you will be able to upgrade to the biggest software update of the year 2020. Again if you are using iPhone SE from 2015 or newer, then you will receive the update.

iOS 14 Announced By Apple at WWDC with a Bunch of New Features

If you are an iPhone user you might know about the features of iOS 13, but the biggest iPhone operating system iOS 14 has lots of new features. That announced on 22nd June, 2020 at Worldwide Developer Conference. We have noticed some features the iOS 14 includes.

  • Home Screen Widgets: The iOS Screen Widgets is the first feature that announced by Apple, now you can customize or resize the Apps on your iPhone easily. I think this feature is more attractive ever, the thing we didn’t see in previous versions of iOS. Apple released this feature to its Apple Watch, but they wanted to bring it across to the iPhone. Now you can resize your iPhone Apps into different sizes, although the widgets can be used on your iPhone home screen.
  • iOS App Library: The newly designed iOS 14 feature that called the App Library, which comes with the end of your iPhone home screen. The App library is the new way to organize your Apps, you can have a collection of your all Apps in one folder using the App library. For example, you can have a collection of all social media apps in one folder. Also, on iOS 14 you can hide your specific Apps that you don’t want to show in your home screen, instantly it will appear it App Library.
  • iOS 14 App Clips: The new feature in iOS 14 that landed at WWDC, the most needed app you don’t want to download, now in iOS 14 it allows you without having to download that app. Apples called this fast you can access this by that card that pops in the bottom of your iPhone screen. This feature is much pretty and useful for iPhone users.
  • iOS 14 Safari: Safari has been redesigned in iOS 14, from your voice reactions a small notification will pop up at the top of your phone device, like regular notifications. This feature looks pretty cool for Siri to use more easier on your phone. Apple and people believed in this that Siri is a more useful assistant for the phone.
  • The new iOS 14 next features includes iOS 14 Messages, new Memoji design, iOS 14 Maps, iOS 14 picture-in-picture, iOS 14 CarPlay, iOS 14 Privacy, iOS 14 smart home controls.

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