Download macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, VMDK Files For Free

macOS Big Sur version 11 is the seventeenth major release of the Apple Inc operating system for Mac and Macintosh computers. The latest version of the macOS operating system was released at the big event of Apple called the “WWDC” Worldwide developer conference on June 22, 2020. The macOS Big Sur including lots of other products of Apple was released in June 2020 but all of them were in Beta mode. And finally, the Public version of the macOS Big Sur operating system was released on November 12, 2020.

macOS Big Sur is the successor of macOS Catalina and succeeded by macOS Monterey which was released in October 2021. macOS Big Sur including bundles of interface changes and new features looks interesting operating system for Mac users. Also, the macOS Big Sur includes the revamp of the Time Machine backup mechanism. Among the other Apple system, the macOS Big Sur is also one of the operating systems that supports the M1 ARM-Based Processors machines. The name of the macOS Big Sur operating system has been taken from the Coastal Region of Big Sur in the Central Coast of California United States of America.

However, through this article, you will get the download links of macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, VMDK files freely without any issue. You can get the full detailed information about macOS Big Sur’s new features and including its three main download links. Also, the macOS Big Sur will support the below-down machines.

  • MacBook: Early 2015 and newer
  • MacBook Air: Mid 2013 and newer
  • MacBook Pro: Late 2013 and newer
  • Mac Mini: Late 2014 and newer
  • iMac: Mid 2014 and newer
  • iMac Pro: Late 2017
  • Mac Pro: Late 2013 and newer
  • Developer Transition Kit (only up to Big Sur 11.3 beta 2

Download macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, VMDK Files For Free

Overall according to Apple Inc macOS Big Sur is one of the most important and famous operating systems of Apple which its name has taken from one of the popular cities in California. The new features of macOS Big Sur are an App window with new colors schemes, transparency effects, rounded edges shapes overall all the operating system interface, and other best applications with new features.

What is ISO File? ISO or an ISO image file is an archive that contains an identical copy or image of the data found on an optical disk image. As CDs or DVDs, they are often used for backing up optical disks. Usually, taking a copy of optical disk into CD, DVD, or Blue-ray disk including the file system is called ISO Image.

What is VMDK? VMDK is abbreviated from the complete form of (Virtual Machine Disk Image). Usually, we use the VMDK file on virtual machines. Taking a copy from the optical disk image or file system and converting it into a specific file to use inside virtual machines like VMware or VirtualBox. Originally, the VMDK is developed by VMware Inc, but now it becomes an open file format, that competes with Microsoft VHD format.

What is DMG? DMG file is an extension of the Apple Disk Image file, also sometimes called Mac OS X disk image file. Basically, it’s a reconstruction of a physical disk file, for this purpose we use the DMG file including the installer file, instead of using the physical file. In this case, you will see the DMG file into a single file after you should download it from the internet. For example, you will see all the operating system is converted from Physical disk image into a single file like ISO, VMDK, or DMG file. All of the operating systems whether it should be Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other operating system are having the same format.

Install macOS Big Sur on VMware & VirtualBox

VMware & VirtualBox are the famous platforms for macOS and Windows users that allow you to install more than one operating system on a single machine. For example, if you have Windows but you don’t have any Mac machine, there are no worries the virtual machines allow you to install the macOS operating system on your Windows PC. On the other side, you can use VirtualBox on your macOS machine to install Windows, Linux, or any other operating system on your Mac machine. The procedure is pretty much easy, firstly you will download the virtual machine install it on your actual machine and create a new virtual machine and run the installation. We have covered the process of installing macOS Big Sur on Windows PC in two different articles, you can click on the below downlink to get the article.

  1. How to Install macOS 11 Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows PC
  2. How to Install macOS 11 Big Sur on VMware on Windows PC

For installing macOS Big Sur whether on your actual Mac machine you need to download the installer files. Or to install it on any of the above-nominated platforms again you have to download the files. Which you can it from the below down section.

Download macOS Big Sur iso, dmg, vmdk files from the below down links


That was about macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, VMDK files, if you faced any kind of problem during the downloading feel free to share with us via the comment section below.

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