Will Neo Electric Sedan With 1000KM Range Challenge Tesla In China?

The Chinese electric car maker newly unveiled the latest electric car ET7 in its country. ET7 is the first Sedan company that launched an electric car it has an electric range of 1000 KM (621 miles).  However, according to the NDEC cycle, it will have a range around of 700 km (434 miles) of EPA.

According to the company still the electric range of the Neo ET7 is more better than Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, the Tesla Model S is better than Neo ET7, and it’s a more impressive one.

More About Neo ET7

Nio ET7
Neo ET7

The Neo ET7 electric car is incredible it has been designed with an advanced luxury technology, apart from its impressive 621-mile electric range, its part is more modern than the Tesla Model S.

There are some exciting performance facts about the Neo ET7, the Neo ET7 electric is powered by a 150 kW battery percentage pack, with its incredible and massive battery the ET7 car can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. On the other hand, the electric Tesla Sedan S car is from the U.S its battery designed and equipped with an automaker of 100 kW battery pack.

However, we can not introduce the differences between the Tesla Model S and the latest electric car which is Neo ET7, on the other hand, it has the break distance of 33.5m.

Autonomous Tech

Similar to Tesl, the Neo ET7 is equipped with the highest technology and latest full-stack Autonomous tech driving technology (NAD). Using the latest technology equipment the latest Neo ET7 Sedan is a more relaxable car than ever.

The sensor of Neo ET7 Sedan is having more better design features the latest sensing of ET7 is supported by Neo Aquila. And also it has over 33 high-performance sensors, 12 Ultrasonic sensors, Ultra-range liDAR, 8 Cameras, and other features it has.

The driving tech of Neo ET7 is more impressive that has the most relaxed driving environment for better and safe driving.

Combination of electric cars the Neo ET7 Sedan is attractive in all other cars, it can be alone in the crowd places while combining with other cars. According to rumors, the latest Neo ET7 car is more attractive more than other electric cars.

However, if you test it once you can feel the betterment of its inside look. The interior is made of renewable Rattan which is obtained from tropical rainforest.

Additionally, the Neo ET7 Sedan electric car has the other internal features also, the new added 12.8-Inch supr AMOLED display which can give a better view for watching movies or videos. Digital keys, ambient lighting, 23 speakers sound system with 1000 kW output. Also, the Neo ET7 is being designed comfortable to have a better drive or trip.

What is the Price of the Neo ET7 Sedan Electric Car?

While William Li introduced the latest and modern Neo ET7 Sedan car, give some hints about its price also. This car its price starts in China from 378,000 Yaun which is equal to ($58,362) Dollar. Its price cost that much without a battery pack, getting its battery might cost more than its actual price.

According to its company, only its battery pack can cost up to 448,000 Yaun that equal to ($69,170) Dollar. Only its battery cost that much which Tesla Model S include Air prices starts from that range.

William Li Neo ET7 CEO talking about BMW, Mercedez Benz

The CEO of Neo ET7 William Li said at the conference of launching the Neo ET7 electric car that the BMW 5 Series, Mercedez Benz E class Sedans are targeted rival of Neo ET7 car. This might be due to the segment luxury that sedans possible.


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