How to Save a Web Page as a PDF in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is ever one of the best browser among the other browsers. Indeed Google Chrome is the fastest browser that can load the web pages in a short time than other browsers. Some months ago Microsoft updated the “Internet Explorer” to Microsoft Edge Chromium. But still it is not working pretty fast the Google Chrome.

Alongside being the best browser Google Chrome has the best-hidden features that we still don’t have the idea about that. And one of those features is that you want to take a hard copy of any web page that you like to take a print out of that. And Google Chrome allows to take full hard copy of the preferred web page. For example, you want to take a print of a web page on a paper. Whether you are using Windows 10, Mac, or Linux, you can save a web page as a PDF in Google Chrome.

Save a Web Page as a PDF in Google Chrome

To save a web page as a PDF in Google Chrome, firstly be sure that you have Google Chrome on your PC. After that, navigate to Google Chrome and launch that. When the Google Chrome opened, open any web page for taking the print. Then over ahead, to right-handed and click on (Vertical three dotes button).

When the menus opened find out the “Print” option, and click on that.

After clicking on the print option, the print window will open. From the print window over ahead to the “Destination” option, and select the “Save as PDF” option.

When you have selected the Save as PDF option, then you can customize the current web page. For example, saving the current web page or saving the 2 or more than 2 web pages into PDF format. You can perform the settings from the “Pages” option. Also, you can save the web page into PDF format as “Vertical” or “Horizontal” from the “Layout” option in Google Chrome.

Once all the settings performed and you are ready to save it, for saving the web page in PDF format click Save option.

Once you press the Save option, another “Save As” option will appear. So, select the destination where you want to save it. And select any name for the current web page, after that, click Save option.
Once the PDF file successfully saved to your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Over ahead and find the location of the file where you saved that PDF file. When you find the PDF file double-click, or right-click on the PDF file and click “open” to open.

On the other hand Windows, Mac, and Linux give the users the ability to print any kind of documents in PDF format. Also, for converting any kind of documents you find several applications to convert your documents to PDF file. Moreover, every system has its separate print options, for the PDF file.

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