macOS Big Sur Top New Features you Must to Know

At the blockbuster Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 Keynote event, Apple unveiled the latest version of its operating system called macOS Big Sur. It’s overhauled one of the biggest operating systems of Apple ever, finally, Apple changed Version 10 of macOS after 20 years. The macOS Big Sur is the best operating system that every user after using it will complete their life experience through its significant features. This operating system can be supported by the latest Silicon Macs & Intel Macs. In the 2020 Keynote Apple noticed that macOS Big Sur is being inspired by iOS 14. Most of the internal features of macOS Big Sur is redesigned and has been taken from iOS 14.

It’s the best time to upgrade your older operating system to macOS Big Sur into version 11.1. In the beginning, macOS Big Sur was in Public Beta, but you can test out the final version of it on your Macs. Most of the bugs issues problems are solved in macOS Big Sur 11.1, now there is no doubt of the issues or installation process.

macOS Big Sur released with pretty major interesting and unique features. If we compare macOS Big Sur with other macOS versions such as macOS Catalina, or macOS Mojave we can see bundles of changes in it. In macOS Big Sur we can see lots of improvements than macOS Catalina. But macOS Catalina wasn’t much then macOS Mojave, as we see it in macOS Big Sur.

According to Craig Federighi senior and VP of Apple’s software engineering, the macOS Big Sur is developed completely unique that should be more stable to run on the new Apple M1 chip processors. The M1 chip has other extra features we are thankful for it that now Macs can run iPad & iPhone Apps directly on the Mac.

Finally, Apple re-introduced the M1 chip Macs at the event of releasing the final version of macOS Big Sur or other operating systems of Apple’s. At this event, Apple announced the new MacBook Air (2020), New Mac Mini, New MacBook Pro 13. These Macs are designed by advanced technologies of Apple with a new M1 chip processor. Don’t forget that these Macs are completely stable to run macOS Big Sur on them.

macOS Big Sur is one of the massive and redesigns operating system of this year. The interface is pretty beautiful than other versions of macOS including the new design of applications. Apple redesigned and published the fresh looks of Apps like Messages, Mail, Photos, Calendar, and Finder, and other improvements that are more stable with your Macs.

macOS Big Sur Top New Features you Must to Know

Selectin macOS Big Sur, name from the unincorporated coastal area in Northern California. This new macOS operating system supposed to deliver unmatched power and beauty. As previously Apple was selecting the macOS operating system names, from the different mountain located in America. But this time the name of macOS Big Sur and the design is totally different.

However, through this post, you will get the complete idea about the latest features of macOS Big Sur which you are completely sipping the test of it on your MacBooks.

  1. Appearance: Now macOS Big Sur is completely different with the new unique look, with bright colors, transparent UI, and round curves widgets of corners.
  2. Safari: Safari has become a more interesting and useable internet browser in macOS Big Sur with adding a bunch of extra features now in macOS Big Sur it become faster even up to %50. According to Apple rumors, it becomes faster than the Google Chrome browser. With the extra adding of security and privacy options in macOS Big Sur, it becomes unique.
  3. Messages Improvements: Messages on macOS Big Sur has been behind iOS for a while, now you can pin messages, Memoji, and enhancements that come in iOS 14. On the other hand, the new updates of Messages in macOS Big Sur will come with lots of changes, that those features already exists in iOS 14, and iPadOS 14.
  4. Airpods Improvements: Now Airpods is supporting in macOS, without fiddling your Bluetooth settings you can use Airpods on macOS. After connecting the Airpods to your Mac, while coming back to it it will automatically connect to Mac.
  5. SideBar in Mail and Photos: Mail and Photos is being out of date for a while in macOS Big Sur, on the other hand, Apple brought the best changes in macOS biggest applications. And the newest redesigns new look is in Mail and Photos. Now you can feel using the Mail and Photos apps on macOS Big Sur that you are using on iOS 14 with the same look.
  6. Control Center: Control center is one of the biggest updates of this year in macOS Big Sur and iOS 14. The control center on macOS & iOS 14 will give you the easiest experience of customization your favorite applications. Macs bring it on Menu Bar, it can be accessed from there, so you can change easily the settings.
  7. Notification Center: Its much improved in macOS Big Sur, also its one of the most important portion in Apple’s operating systems. In the notification center you will find lots of improvments of customization options, widgets, shortcuts to the clock, Calenders, music widgets, podcats apps, and the push notifications that are in one group of notifications bar.

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