How to Change Windows 10 Account Password

Using Windows 10 with a strong password is one of the best and advanced ways to secure your account or your computer data from viruses or from ethical hacking. While setting a password for your Windows account, then there won’t be any need to change it. But sometimes the situation makes us compelled to change the account password, for the safety of our information we want to use a secret password.

If you suspect anyone that has access to your password, and you have been resuing the password. In this case, you must decide to make your account safer and that is simple to change it. Again being thankful for Microsoft that provided us different methods in Windows account security. Microsoft has provided you three different methods of changing the account password layout.

For example, for better security of your computer, you can use the combinations of letters, words, or symbols. At least for a strong password, I advise you to use at least 8 characters for better safety. Or you can change your Windows password to PIN or picture passwords. Again if you are trying to use your privacy more safer then try to use Google Chrome Incognito version.

Whatever the reason is but Windows 10 provides you several methods of changing password. Even if you are using Microsoft Account or Local Account. Through this guide, I will explore how to change Windows 10 account password.

Change Windows 10 Account Password

Note: Changing Windows 10 Account Password will change the password of Microsoft services accounts. Such as Outlook, OneDrive, and etc.

To change Windows 10 account password, over ahead to Windows 10 start menu, click on setting (gear) icon. When the setting window opened click on Accounts option. From the account window left-handed menu bar select (Sign-in Options). Below down click on (Password) and click on (Change) option from the list of the password options.

Change Password
Change Password

After clicking on change option, the window will appear to enter your current password. It means enter your old Windows 10 account password, enter that and click next.

Current password
Current password

In this step, enter new password, confirm password, type any Hint then press the next button.

Enter new password
Enter new password

When your Windows 10 account password successfully changed, click on Finish.


Update your security Questions

When you changed the Windows 10 account password, after that, for better security performance you have to change the security questions also.

To change your Windows account security questions, over ahead to Windows 10 start menu click on setting (gear) icon. On the setting window select the accounts option, on the accounts window select the (Sign-in options). Click on the password option, then click on the option (Update your security questions).

Update your security questions
Update your security questions

Confirm your password then click OK, now you can change the security questions. When you changed or updated the security questions click Finish.

Change PIN Account on Windows 10

Most of the Windows 10 users are using a PIN password, instead of using a simple password or picture password. And you can also change the PIN into something different on Windows 10.

To change the Windows PIN password follow the instructions.

  1. Over ahead to Windows 10 start menu click on setting option.
  2. On the Setting window click on Accounts options.
  3. Click on Sing-in options
  4. Now click on Windows Hello PIN option.
  5. At last click change option
  6. In the first window confirm your old PIN password.
  7. Create a new PIN, Confirm the new PIN.
  8. When the PIN changed click OK.

Also, you can change the picture password the same as Windows 10 local account password, and PIN password.

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