How to Create Account on Quora – The Right Way 2021

How to Create Account on Quora - The Right Way 2021

Quora is the secret best place to boost up your business there because millions of people are in touch with Quora’s website daily. Quora is taking the place of the internet storm, it boosts perfectly for people to do their job. For example, there are millions of people from around the world that shares different ideas about different jobs and business. Here I will walk you through How to Create Free Account on Quora – The Right Way.

Aside from this Quora has become one of the advanced platforms for bloggers to reach there, and Quora is one the best source for knowledge and distraction. If you are a blogger then you can easily reach your target audience. And Quora is one that platform to show you the right path to increase your audience by boosting your post there to the newer viewers.

If you are in Quora then you might have information about that, then if you are not on that platform here I will share the information with you and creating an account on Quora.

Quora is a question-and-answer website that questions are asked and the answers will be given to vast community users.

What is Quora?

Information has been taken from Wikipedia.

Quora (/ˈkwɔːrə/) is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. Its owner, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California, United States.

The company was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Users can collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers that have been submitted by other users.m In 2020, the website was visited by 300 million unique people a month.

One of the best features that the Quora community has the provides upvotes and downvotes for the users. For example, whenever a user is asking a question in the group the rest of the community users are giving the answers to that question. In that case, the Quora community is taking decisions to give votes to answers. After reviewing the answers by the expertise team they will display the best answer on the top, and this feature is not limited.

  1. Quora drives traffic to your Blog: Several bloggers are using Quora to bring traffic to their website or blog. And the result of bringing traffic via Quora on the blog is simple and it works.
  2. Quora is Great for SEO: Quora platform boosts the high-quality content to their website, search engines, particularly Google. So, If have noticed whenever you are asking any question or searching for a topic on the Google automatically the first answer will be displayed from Quora. And I think it is pretty nice to use Quora for traffic sources.

How to Create Free Account on Quora – The Right Way

On your computer open up your browser, on the search bar type Quora.com and press enter to search. Again once the result appeared click on the Quora website.


When the Quora window opened click on Sign up with an email to open the registration forum.

Sign up with email
Sign up with email

When the registration window opened type your name, email address, password, and press I ‘am not a robot and press Sign Up.

Enter your details
Enter your details

Once you get to this step select the categories and click Done.

Select Categories
Select Categories

And finally, you are on to the Quora website, and the account is successfully created. So, for posting anything on Quora, Quora will send you the confirmation link to your email address. Simply, check out your email address and click on the link to confirm your Quora account.

Account created
Account created

If you faced any kind of problem feel free to be with us via the comment box section below.

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