How to Download Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the biggest online music streaming online platforms. Also, SoundCloud is a European online platform and music sharing website located in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud gives the opportunity to upload, promote, and share audio. The SoundCloud has to be one of the popular online streaming websites that have over 175 million monthly users worldwide. SoundCloud offers both an online and offline platform for computer and mobile users. SoundCloud has the industry with the help of a famous artist who has emerged from the music service. All that artists are allowed to provide their music freely on SoundCloud in order that users get access to that. However, SoundCloud is a platform that lots of investors support it, like Twitter.

However, as you can find the world’s most popular music freely from SoundCloud. If any artist wants to make available its song for free download. Then you will see free download link while approaching to SoundCloud. There is also a restriction for downloading limitation, it also depends on the membership of artists. Per-user can download up to 100 tracks from SoundCloud. Also, for Pro users they offer to download 1000 tracks, and for Pro Unlimited users available unlimited downloads.

In addition, if you want to download music from SoundCloud, be sure about this that most of the artists want to monetize there works on SoundCloud. Indeed they want to have revenue from uploading their music on SoundCloud. There is big competition between the artists, then it depends on you which artist you prefer on SoundCloud.

Download Music from SoundCloud

Step 1. Create a SoundCloud Account

Before getting started with downloading tracks from SoundCloud you need to create a private account for yourself. To do that open up your browser type there and press enter. Once you approached the SoundCloud window click on “Create Account”.

Create account
Create an Account

In the next window enter your email address and click continue.

Enter your email address
Enter your email address

Create your password for SoundCloud mark to “I am not a robot” then click Accept & continue.

Enter the password
Enter the password

Mention your age and Gender, then click continue.

Now enter your display name for SoundCloud and press “Get Started”.

Step 2. Download Music from SoundCloud


After I researched a lot for sources to download music from SoundCloud. After that, I find out a platform by the name of “KickAud”, This online platform offers you to download music from any platform into Mp3 format. And it’s new updated features are pretty interesting. The KickAud is very nice, the downloaded track will include an album. If you get SoundCloud interesting then feel free to download tracks from there via KickAud with copying the URL of music.

To download any track from SoundCloud, play a track on SoundCloud. Once the track played click below on the “Share” option.

Now copy the URL of the track

Once the URL copied navigate to the KickAud platform, paste there and click Convert.

When the track converted another window will appear, click on “Download the Song”.

Alongside MP3 is a small platform of a track, which you can download and convert it to different types using VIdeo converter. You can find out the video converter freely from Google, Bing, and other platforms. Additionally, if you faced any kind of problem-related to this guide feels free to share with me below down in the comment section.

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