Download macOS High Sierra VMDK File for VMware & VirtualBox Free

Every year Apple is releasing bunches of operating systems like macOS, WatchOS, tvOS, iOS, and other of its products at the main time event called WWDC “Worldwide Developer Conference”. Overall, Apple focused on the main security for the users. However, comparing macOS High Sierra with macOS we will see lots of changes, as Apple changes the OS X directly to macOS. Because most of their operating system looks similar to the macOS, like iOS, WatchOS, tvOS. In macOS High Sierra you will find out the Siri feature which looks stunning and unique. As previously Apple added the Siri feature to iOS but now it’s available for Mac users.

Another feature of macOS High Sierra is Unlock which allows you to unlock your Mac PCs using your Watch. As macOS High Sierra was released on June 5, 2017, and it’s one of the biggest operating systems for Macintosh users, the name of macOS High Sierra is taken from the mountain that is located in the California United States of America.

One of the best features is Siri inside macOS High Sierra, which is a big experiment for the new users to use it. On the other side, there are bundles of edited features like Music, Message, and another improvement than macOS Sierra.

However, through this article, you will be able to download macOS High Sierra VMDK latest version for free without any issue. So what is VMDK? VMDK is the abbreviation of the virtual machine disk image, which has been taken or created from a DMG file to install on the virtual machine like VMware & VirtualBox. Using the VMDK file you will be able to install it on Virtual Machine.

Download macOS High Sierra VMDK File for VMware & VirtualBox Free

If you are lack of macOS machine, and you have another operating system like Windows then the Virtual machine called VMware or VirtualBox allows you to install macOS operating system on it. It means the virtual machine allows you to test the macOS operating systems. So, from the below down-link you will find out the latest version of the macOS High Sierra VMDK file.

  • Download macOS High Sierra VMDK file Update (10.13)
  • Download macOS High Sierra VMDK file Update (10.13.6)

For installing macOS High Sierra using the VMDK file on your Windows operating system, you need a Windows 10/11 with below down requirements.

  • Windows 11/10 OS 64-Bit
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 20GM of Disk Space
  • SSD Recommended

macOS High Sierra General Features

  1. Lock Screen shortcut
  2. iCloud Family Sharing
  3. Photos App Selection Counter
  4. Photos Play Nice with Editors
  5. Support for VR



That is about how to download the macOS High Sierra VMDK file. If you faced any kind of problem feels free to share with me in the below down comment section.

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