Best Sites for Downloading Movies using uTorrent

Torrent sites are the open-source for downloading Movies, TV Shows, Music, Videos, Books, Games, Software, any many more for free. The Torrent sites provide easy access to unavailable elements on the internet globally. For example, while a film is releasing in the cinema then only the roll out the cinema print on YouTube or any other platform. But you can download the HD quality from the Torrent websites using uTorrent software. Or using some extra materials is prohibited in most countries, but you can kind find it legally on Torrent sites.

Without any force, you can get those prohibited materials from Torrent sites. Therefore, we want to explore the viewers of WikiKeep the best torrent sites source that available on the internet and perfectly working, the Torrent sites currently can be a good platform for the entertainment. From this guide, you can find out your best Torrent sites to download your favorite Movies, Games, Software, Music, Books, or many more.

This is the year 2020 and the loyal users of the BitTorrent community is still looking forward to provide the best facilities for downloading uTorrent sites content. Again here if you are much interested in using uTorrent for downloading different contents then, then check out the ways how to download movies using uTorrent.

While talking about the best sites for downloading Movies using uTorrent. Then it’s important to know about its global ranking also. We checkout the global ranking using the extension Alexa traffic rank checker. And most of famous bloggers are using Alexa. Remember that global website whether that should be Tech, News, Affiliate, or Torrent websites daily its ranking is changeable. Mostly, one of the preferred Torrent websites that has been nominated in most of the articles is ( Where each of them performs there level best to provide the users with the best facilities of downloading content. But according to Alexa traffic rank checker ( is on the top now.

Below is are the list of the best Torrent sites for downloading Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Software, Books, and much more content.

  Torrent Sites                                                                                   Alexa Rank


Attention! Your IP address will be visible for everyone, for your safety. You are recommended to use VPN to hide your local IP address for downloading content using uTorrent. A VPN bypass the ISP throttling that helps the users to download torrents contents very fast.

Best Sites for Downloading Movies using uTorrent

We have listed the list of Torrent websites according to there Alexa traffic rank checker. Therefore, our content is valuable for the reader to find out there best Torrent website for download different contents.


Overall world number one best Torrent site for download Movies, Game, Software, Books, and many more according to Alexa traffic rank ( is on the top. is abbreviated sometimes to short letter (TPB) and known as the popular site for digital content entertainment media.

After the the ( has won its place in the era of Torrent downloading. (TPB) is known as one of the professional platform for downloading the contents like Movies, Books, TV Shows, Games, Applications, Songs, Books, AudioBooks, etc. Thepiratebay was founded in the year 2003 by Swedish developer (Think Tank Pirarbyran) allows users to search and download Movies or any other content. The interface look of “TPB” hasn’t changed about a few years.

Those who are familiar with (TPB) Torrent sites, and what is the reason that site is ranking on top in Alexa rank. It’s just only because of the abundance of seeds that helps the users to download the content faster. However, the (TPB) is prohibited in some countries but there are no worries you can use your preferred VPN to unblock this Torrent website.

2. YTS

The second option in the era of Torrent downloading content is (YIFY or YTS), those who are interested in downloading Movies or anything else, then the (YTS) provides you the fastest downloading option. Sometimes ago this website shifted its domain to the latest name, which increase the Alexa Traffic Rank Globally. This Torrent site has no ties with the YTS/YIFY group, which makes shut down for a couple of years. For these changes, this website still has to be the popular Torrent site now.

The YTS currently brought many changes to its interface look with a new search box. And new looks of the YTS is now great to compete with the other Torrent site. The YTS is a peer-to-peer group known for distributing large numbers of Movies as a free download through uTorrent. The YTS characterized through their HD quality in a small file size, that attracted the downloaders.


This website is also another directory for downloading Torrent contents. Overall 1337x website is designed and developed with a professional and advanced homepage. This website has a beautiful interface look with a new look of the search box.

The 1337x is also providing the trending section that list of popular of Torrents for day and weeks. The 1337x is a famous torrent site that provides the service of Torrent categories. Now the 1337x is providing the facilities of the top 200 torrents files for different categories. For the users, this website is the best open-source that easily can download torrent content. This website was founded in 2007, in 2016 the website has become the popularity across to


Rarbg doesn’t have the best and modern look, it might be not preferred by users. The website doesn’t have the best interface look, but without that, it provides the best torrent files. Also, the Rarbg provides the users with many advertisements while clicking in any of the links. And with those things still the Rarbg have the best Alexa rank.

The Rarbg includes the torrent categories content such as Movies, Games, Applications, Books, Music, etc. It also provides another separate host that features the trailer of different movies. This host page of the Rarbg torrent website helps you out to have a look at the trailer of movies. Rarbg founded in 2008 that provides torrent files and magnet files.


The torrentz2 another torrent website, is another search engine. This website also provides the facilities of a search engine that you can find out the other torrent sites. It performs the best opportunity for finding the other torrent site. And it also helps the users to find their torrent contents such as Movies, Books, Music, Books, etc. Its search engine helps you to find the torrents,  or also you can visit the MyTorrentz page.


EZTV is known as its name the allows you to find the torrent contents. Also, the EZTV was a TV torrent distribution group founded in 2005. The EZTV sail their website to KickAss and other torrent sites. For a couple of years, the EZTV keeps itself under the 1000 websites on Alexa.

This website has been one of the popular websites for people, to download TV shows using the uTorrent. It is one the website which you can find only the TV shows contents.


Are you looking for the fastest source for downloading torrent contents using uTorrent?. Then Limetorrents is one of the top torrent sites now. Limetorrents is an open-source and free platform that hosts the different categories which include, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Applications, and many more.

Limetorrents is the best site overall that has goodness in the era of its contents. This site always keeps every of its content up to date, that users should be satisfied. The Limetorrents build another web page that make aware the people about the top 100 trending the most, while the latest content uploads in the website. And be sure about the best feature of Limetorrents, furthermore, it allows the users to create individual accounts for uploading their contents.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is the 8th popular open-source site where you can download torrent contents. Also, Zooqle is a new web page in the internet or in the era of the torrent. Overall with many positive feedbacks and views, Zooqle raised at a high level. It rise and increased the number of torrents, now without any issue, you can download your favorite Movies, Music, Applications, Games, Software, Books, and many more.

Over ahead to the main page of Zooqle which includes advertisements. The main torrent content of Zooqle is TV shows and Movies, but alongside this, there are many other categories that included in the part of downloading.

9. TorrentDownloads

After the (TorrentDownloads) has become one of the most popular torrent sites. The TorrentDownloads is a new site, but it seems that it increasing the Rank to be on the top. It attracted the viewers more and more due to its interface look. It isn’t enough for this, which includes the following categories such as, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software, Applications, and etc.

However, you can find out the web pages and the most active torrents, most seeded torrents that help the user the most. One of the best features of TorrentDownloads is that you won’t see any ads on the web page. Another feature is that you can create a separate account to save your favorite torrent files there.

10. MagnetDL

Alongside the other popular torrent site, the MagentDL is the 10th popular site in the era of downloading torrent contents. Usually, this site is also one of the new torrent site, where you can download your favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows, Books, Games, Software, and other.

The MagnetDL home has consisted of white-color and all the categories are listed above the MagnetDL logo. Over ahead and download your favorite torrent files from MagentDL.

  • Those are all about the best site for downloading movies using uTorrent. Most of the torrent sites is not exist now, but again you have the better opportunity to use the rest top 10 torrent site. So, these are the sites where you can download and watch your favorite movies in the quarantine days.

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