Best Cloud Torrents for Torrent Downloads anonymously

Torrent downloading is a different type of download that requires a client/server setup. That’s why you need a software called a torrent client which will turn your machine into both a client and server. But for faster and more secure downloading, you can use what is known as a “Cloud Torrent” which will download the torrent for you directly on the cloud of your choice.

In this list, we have tried to gather the most popular cloud torrent services on the market and rank them based on the most generous free plan. The ranking is then based on the quality/price of the service.

1- Seedr: 2GB of Free Storage! is the first cloud torrent service on our list. The free plan offers 2GB of storage, unlimited monthly traffic, and 1 torrent slot. To start downloading, simply copy and paste the magnet link, or you can import the torrent file. Make sure to manage your storage space well to continue using it. The free storage can be extended by referring your friends with your referral link. Seedr also offers a Chrome extension for quicker access to the service. Paid plans are also available starting from $6/month for 30GB of storage, unlimited monthly traffic, 2 torrent slots, and the ability to download 8 files in parallel. There’s no need to install any software on your machine, everything happens on the site.

2- BitPort: 1GB of Free Storage! is another cloud torrent service with a free plan. It offers 1GB of storage. Downloads are limited to one torrent per day. Unfortunately, the free plan does not offer virus protection and the download speed is limited. Despite these drawbacks, BitPort’s free plan remains an interesting alternative when needed. Its usage is straightforward, simply copy and paste your torrent link to start the download. Paid plans are also available starting from $5/month for 30GB of storage, unlimited monthly traffic, 5 torrent slots, unlimited speed, and virus protection. The option to save data directly on Google Drive is also available.

3- OffCloud: 10GB of storage and 3 files/month is a cloud torrent service with a very interesting free plan. It offers 10GB of storage with the ability to download 3 files per month without size or speed limits. This plan is huge for people looking for unlimited bandwidth. You can use this plan to download high-quality videos or a whole data directory. You still need a torrent file or link to add to your OffCloud account to start downloading. Paid plans are available starting from $9.99/month for absolutely everything unlimited.

4- TorrentSafe: 3 files per month (10GB/file) is a cloud torrent with a very attractive free plan. It offers the download of 3 files per month with a maximum file size of 10GB each, which is very generous. To start downloading, simply add the torrent file or link to your TorrentSafe account. Paid plans are also available starting from $4.99/month for unlimited downloads and unlimited storage.

5- is a cloud torrent service that offers a free trial with a storage limit of 15GB. After the trial, you can choose from various paid plans starting from $5/month for unlimited storage and unlimited downloads. also offers a very user-friendly interface and the option to integrate with various other services like Plex and Sonarr.

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