The best free IPTV channels for your box or Smart TV

If you want to set up your own IPTV service for your personal needs and stop paying mafia services or pirate decoders to watch streaming TV, I have what you need in free access.

It is a Github repository that compiles several playlists in .m3u format gathering more than 20 000 IPTV streams. Be careful, like streaming radio, nothing illegal for the user here, it is simply channels whose streams are freely and legally accessible on the web without a decoder.

To start watching TV without a set-top box or android box, simply launch VLC or any other video player capable of playing M3U files like Kodi then do File -> Open a network stream and simply copy and paste one of the links below:

  • The general list:
  • Sorted by country:
  • Sorted by categories :
  • Sorted by language :
  • With channels for adults (NSFW) :

There is free content for all tastes and it will change your Android box with only Molotov installed on it.

These lists are maintained by a community of volunteers so don’t hesitate to join it. And especially if you are a developer, you can integrate these IPTV channels with the following JSON including in your IPTV services or IPTV applications:

Enjoy it!

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