SpyBuster – The app that watches when Russia watches you

You are like me and you install a lot of applications on your Mac?

But are you sure that some of these applications are not spying on you a little bit? To find out, go download SpyBuster, a free application for macOS and iOS that analyzes the software running on your computer and communicating with funny countries like Russia or Belarus.

It’s quite original since it’s a very militant software developed by MacPaw (based in Ukraine) to prevent Russian spying. Indeed, since 2016, Russia obliges Telecom providers to keep all the content of audio calls, data, images and text messages that would be present on servers located in Russia, as well as the metadata and this for 6 months. Also according to this law, social networks or messaging software that use encryption are also forced to keep access to encrypted communications for the FSB.

So the goal with SpyBuster is to detect software that would have connections to Russian servers. By scanning my machine, it obviously detects that Telegram is a problematic tool from their point of view.

But SpyBuster is not only that. Indeed, there is a dynamic analysis feature that also records in real time all connections to the outside world made by your software, but also written files, access requests, etc.

This can be handy to know if this or that tool is telling a bit too much about you. A warning may also pop up to tell you that this or that application is trying to connect with Russia or countries sympathetic to Russia.

MacPaw also offers SpyBuster as an extension for Chrome that allows you, when surfing like a depraved person, to immediately see all sites connected with Russia.

So I know that some of you are very fond of Russia and I understand your frustration of not being able to go and live in this beautiful country. By the way, what would be cool is if MacPaw would extend this software to other nice countries like China or the United States who also don’t hesitate to plunder the personal data of Internet users. An Android and Windows version would also be welcome.


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